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PotenDogs winning awards at International Film Festivals

PotenDogs won 'Outstanding Achievement Award' at the Animalis Fabula Film Festival 2021 in Texas, US.

The judge's aggregate score for PotenDogs at the Animalis Fabula is 8.9 out of 10 with a judge writing, "Epic! Korea has an issue when it comes to their awareness and value of dogs. This feature, PotenDogs feels like it is meant to change the sense of awareness of its citizens. It deserves a live screening." PotenDogs was chosen as BEST OF FEST in September and met audiences as Finalist in Austin, Texas.

PotenDogs was also selected in competition for EPISODICS – KIDS FIRST! Film Festival 2021 in the US. A critic gave PotenDogs 5 out of 5 stars and recommended it for ages 8 to 12, plus adults, saying " I love the animation; it's simple, easy, fluid and very realistic…. I love the songs; they are very cool! My favorite is the song sung by the dog catchers, but all the song and dance numbers are catchy.”

PotenDogs was selected at numbers of other international film festivals and drawing a lot of people's attention across the globe.

Won ‘Rising Star Award’

- The PRIX ROYAL Paris Animation Awards

- France, 2021

• Selected as a Semi-finalist

- The International Film Festival «Catharsis»

- Russia, 2021

• Selected in competition for ANIMAL RIGHTS

- San Pedro International Film Festival

- United States, 2021.

• Selected in competition for TV SHOW

- Big Cartoon Festival

- Russia, 2021.

• Selected in competition for ANIMATED SERIES

- International Animation Festival AJAYU

- Peru, 2021.

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