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'Stepped on Poop', the epic musical song of PotenDogs

In 2021, Stepped on Poop', one of the epic OSTs from PotenDogs took Korea by storm.

Its video clips recorded over 18 million views on YouTube, in just a month of time.

'Stepped on Poop' ranked No.13 on OST Chart of online music streaming service, and ranked in TOP 100th of the General Music Chart for the first time as Korean animation OST. It also topped the Music Video Chart ahead of BTS’ ‘Permission to Dance’.

People were very attracted and commented that “This one single song includes the whole history of K-pop”, ‘‘It’s too addictive that we need to ban this song for the students who prepare for the SAT.’ A lot of people not only shared the video on the internet but also made their own videos of covering dance and the song.

And also major media companies covered this phenomenon as their main news. There were some popular K-POP idol groups joined the cover dance challenge as well so that let a lot of fans abroad fall into ‘Stepped on Poop’ phenomenon.

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